About Me

Inara HawleyI have spent most of my working life in business partnership with my husband. Together we have explored importing, retailing, property development, real estate, and hospitality. I have also spent many happy years studying, healing, teaching, and now I devote my time to writing, learning, enjoying life, loving, spreading positive vibes, and keeping up with technology from our country home way out west in N.S.W., Australia.

What I’m likely to write about is:

  • Family ~ So lucky to have so much love, love, love in our family
  • Country Life ~ Something I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy for over 25 years
  • Writing ~ I’ve self-published two family memoirs and plan to write more
  • Teaching ~ I have a Teaching Degree and love to inspire others
  • Personal Development ~ I’m passionate about learning and growing
  • Health and Wellbeing ~ Love all things happy and healthy
  • Alternative Medicine ~ I am a trained Herbalist and I live by it
  • Energy Healing ~ I feel it, am connected to it and know it works
  • The Internet ~ Keeping up with technology and sharing the knowledge
  • And anything and everything that makes my heart sing!

If you’d like to contact me or connect with me personally, you can find me here on Facebook.

In the meantime, keep smiling and shine bright!

Inara Hawley ❤