Finding My Voice

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Today I want to talk about what inspires me to write; how I find my voice and write from my heart.

So what is inspiration? For me, it’s a feeling of excitement, it’s an idea, it’s the spark of intention, it’s the beginning of action ~ it’s a movement forward that comes as naturally as part of one’s being. In fact, it’s a ripple that can be the beginning of something truly remarkable! The inspiration to write is all those things wrapped up in a parcel that bursts forth when you find your voice, and it can come from the most surprising sources. This past week it came with full force from two most unexpected sources.

The first was through a ‘select’ social media group, one which I was invited to join because I was seen to be ‘a good fit’. Well that, of course, was very flattering, and while I wasn’t entirely sure that the group was a ‘good fit’ for me, I accepted. What I found was a group of highly driven, focused and very successful individuals in a variety of different fields beating their own drum to the point of it being almost deafening. There was nothing humble about this lot, especially the person running the group. And that’s great! There’s nothing better than the glow of success and a pat on the back ~ feels bloody marvellous! I am all for keeping one’s energy high, staying positive and focusing one’s head space in the right place, however, I am not overly fond of elitism, especially if I have to keep secrets and withhold information which can help someone else. And that’s where I and this very ‘select’ group fell out very quickly ~ I broke their cardinal rule ~ I openly helped someone else with information that I had sourced via the group. While I had not compromised the group in any way, I was told in no uncertain terms that I had broken ‘the rule’! And the funniest thing was, I was treated like a naughty child and lectured. I have to say though, what came next was a most gratifying experience. I very firmly stood my ground, made it clear I had not violated my ethics in any way, that helping others without comprising the source is what I will always do, and then very happily asked to be deleted from the confines of their ‘rules’ and ‘secrecy’. And as I said, I am very grateful and thankful for the experience ~ it was once again a reminder of who I am, who I never want to be, and I am very happy to say that I found a very clear voice to say exactly that.

The other was a blog post by a friend, who is budding writer. It was an insight into his writing experiences and what motivates him. I have read many blog posts over the years, which have been interesting, entertaining and even inspiring, but because I know him personally, I know they were genuine words from his heart. He wrote of his past efforts, what he had learned and his future hopes as a writer, and how, as writers, we should all help and support each other. His words really spoke to me. We may not all become writers, but we do all have something to say, whether we know it or not. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has the wisdom and experience to help others. I have been in social media long enough to know I have an opinion on many things, and that reaching out across the cyber waves to extend both kindness and knowledge is a very satisfying experience. Having the confidence to speak up, or reach out however, especially via a blog or via a conversation with well known and respected people within social media, is another thing entirely. When you do speak up, it means you’ve reached a place where you trust yourself, and that is a wonderful thing ~ being ready to reveal yourself to the world and letting go of the fear is when the words start tumbling out, and if what you are saying comes from the heart, it’s easy. And so, my friend’s unpretentious, very real voice from the heart was yet another inspiration.

Inara Hawley © 2012

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