Live With No Regrets


Do you have regrets?

Have you ever been in the position of not being able to say what was in your heart? For whatever reason, you couldn’t say the words which would make all the difference. What I’m talking about is saying those magic words, the ones which carry no regrets ~ ‘I forgive you’ and ‘I love you’.

One can say life is too short to be cynical, to worry, to stress, to hold onto anger, to not have a go, even too short not to buy those shoes! But most of all life is too short to have regrets. So please, don’t hide your feelings ~ don’t be afraid … say what is in your heart! Don’t waste your moments stuck in old habits or past hurts. Forget the spits and spats and tell those you care about that you love and appreciate them ~ you may be surprised how much it means to them and how right it makes your world feel. Don’t leave it till it’s too late ~ life is too short for regrets.

And know that just by reading this, YOU are also appreciated and loved. Don’t ever forget that, because you are amazing.

Shine bright,
Inara ♥

Inara Hawley © 2013

2 thoughts on “Live With No Regrets

    • We are very lucky in our families that we never waste an opportunity to tell each other how much we care. It’s so important ~ I was reminded recently that not everyone is so fortunate.

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