Simple Choices

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Keeping it simple has almost been a mantra in my life. For as long as I can remember my aim as an adult ~ from about my mid twenties ~ has been to rise above the drama and intensity, and later, to dispel the need to figure out every little thing.

And so, I made a concerted effort to create inner peace. I used to liken it to living in the eye of the storm. I focused on choosing simple, blissful peace over drama. That’s not to say that I didn’t go there as a young thing. Of course I did! Intense drama is part of pushing the boundaries and finding out what we are made of. But here is where I get on my soapbox, and it’s the reason for my post today ~ drama is not something which needs to go on forever.

The words ‘authentic’, ‘real’ and ‘raw’ (a word I particularly dislike) are often used these days in regard to personal growth of the dramatic kind, particularly on social media ~ even to the point of judging those who are positive as being non-authentic and not real. Well I am here to say that those who are positive are just as real and authentic. The difference is they share what inspires them. They have nothing to prove, justify or demonstrate. They don’t focus on complicated drama ~ they share what they have learned and integrated. And from my experience, I can honestly say that that is the truth of it, because it’s exactly what I do ~ I define myself by what I’ve learned, and that’s what I share.

I appreciate that everyone has their own path, their own way of living and learning. We all have to work it out for ourselves, but really … there is no prize for making life dramatic or complicated. It’s time consuming and plays havoc with your emotions, feelings and your health! Constantly immersing yourself in the pain, frustration, resentment, hurt or anger affects every cell in your body. If you are angry for instance, you have an angry heart, an angry liver, an angry kidney and so on. Why do that to yourself? There is a much simpler way to deal with those emotions and feelings: acknowledge them, see the lesson and then choose a better feeling thought. I can promise you it’s a much easier way to learn.

And I can assure you, you will be rewarded for choosing simple ~ your vibration will be clearer, your mind will be more focused, your health will be better, and you will have more time to do what makes you happy. It’s just that simple.

Recently a social media friend asked if it’s possible to stay positive. The following was my response:

Only momentarily do I ever have a negative thought, and I appreciate it for what it is ~ a pointer. So yes, I am positive because there’s always something to learn. I’ve seen my husband through cancer and never once did I think he wouldn’t make it. It was very hard watching him go through it, but I knew he’d make it. After those kinds of experiences everything else is a first world problem. I’d rather have a laugh than take on a burden. The bottom line is that I know everything always works out. It took a few years of consistent practice to always turn my thoughts around. It’s a choice, and for me it’s not complicated. I don’t need to wrestle anything to the ground nor do I need to always figure out the ‘why for’s’. My intent is always good, and so it’s simple ~ I choose, and I trust. The big tests were my lessons, and I always knew it. But had I not been positive, I would not have learned what I needed to, and quite possibly would have had to experience the same lesson again and again. But once there, there is no way I was going to fall into the same hole again. Not ever!

Take it from me ~ you can train yourself to learn the lesson without drama and without laying yourself bare or feeling raw. It’s a simple choice. You can align yourself to peaceful, simple resolutions if you choose. You will still be validated, but it will come in a much easier way ~ with flow.

So why complicate life? My choice is to keep it simple, and to me, it’s very authentic and very real, and also very wonderful. To be honest, I’ve found it’s the simple choices which have resulted in the most real and lasting change ~ not the complicated drama … it’s so bloody exhausting! And as I’ve said a million times I’m sure, you get what you focus on, be it simple or complicated! Why make learning such hard work?

The bottom line of course is that we all do our best, and we’re all human thank goodness. My philosophy is: if you absolutely need to have a 5 minute tantrum and stamp your foot ~ go for it! Just make sure you enjoy every second and that it’s not the boss of you!  And remember, whatever you put out there stays there ~ every thought, every feeling and every word is an energy etched into the Universe. They say be careful what you wish for … I say, be mindful what you choose to think, feel and say. Keep it simple and you will receive with ease and flow.

Inara Hawley © 2013

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