Letting in Freedom

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As much as we all want to work out any issues which arise in our life the best way we can, and of course we should always try, when we become stuck in an unresolved place, that is when we have to start doing some serious work on letting go.

To do that we have to come to two basic realisations ~ first, that we are actually holding ourselves in a negative thought pattern, and second, that we have the power to release it. So, how to do it? I call it ‘space and replace’. Ask yourself how much unwanted space the negative thoughts and feelings are taking up in your life, and then, think about anything better or more productive you’d want to replace them with. It’s a bit like making a wish, and it comes true when you choose.

So what’s more important? Hanging onto what’s making you unhappy, or choosing to feel good? Remember, it takes a lot more energy to hold on than it does to let go. And when it happens, when you finally decide to let go, then suddenly everything that was weighing you down simply doesn’t matter anymore ~ the energy is released, and you are free.

All the defensive thoughts and justifications just dissipate. We don’t have to protect ourselves any longer. It becomes so easy to ignore the issue that was bothering us. We literally stop holding on and walk away from it without a backward glance, and what a good feeling that is … there’s nothing better than letting in freedom with love in your heart. I don’t know about you, but it always makes me want to fly!

Inara Hawley © 2013

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