Want or Desire


We all have things we want and desire, but here’s the thing, and it’s very important ~ there is a big difference between want and desire. And when we understand it, it’s like turning on a light. Life can change almost overnight!

So, what is the difference? When we are in a state of wanting we are focusing on what we don’t have. In other words, we are focusing on lack ~ on the ‘not having’ of it. And focusing on what’s missing in one’s life generally brings with it a lot of dissatisfaction and negativity ~ self-pity, frustration, even hopelessness. It suppresses the possibilities and leaves no room for creative expansion.

Desire on the other hand is full of creative expansion for it brings with it enthusiasm and exuberance. It is that strong heart-centred feeling which comes from deep within. And within that, is the seed of passion, motivation and powerful intention. Desire is an empowered positive state, open to creation and possibilities. When we are in a state of wanting we are attempting to fill a hole, a place of needy emptiness. But when we are in a state of desire, it’s all about inspired feelings and delicious anticipation, which in turn opens doors and creates pathways.

So what are you focusing on ~ is it wanting or desire? Find the vibration essence of your desires ~ bring yourself into harmony with them and stay connected to the positive feeling of it, and don’t forget to ask yourself every single day … what else is possible?

Inara Hawley © 2013

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