The Pleasure of Manifesting

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When I looked out of the window this morning I saw our two cats sunning themselves on the deck, and twenty-five sheep being unloaded and returned to our nicely regenerated paddock after a spell of two months. Hubby and I had really missed them, and I felt a surge of joy, to see them back. We both get immense pleasure in having animals around us, particularly these animals. Why? Because they were the ones that found us. Let me tell you the story.

Sunday Musings - The Pleasure of Manifesting

We’ve always had dogs and cats. However, for the few short years when we lived on a residential block before moving back to acreage, we didn’t have any animals and I really felt the loss. I recall looking down when I was working at my desk and thinking how lovely it would be to have a furry little bundle at my feet. I knew it wasn’t the right time, but I wished for it anyway. It made me feel good. So when we finally got to our beloved acres again, the first thing I thought about was getting that furry little bundle and perhaps, some miniature goats for our paddock. But three things held me back from rushing headlong into doing anything about it: we lived on a busy road, our fences weren’t secure, and we had no experience with small-herd animals.

While these appeared to be stumbling blocks, I didn’t really give them much thought. What I did think about, was how nice it would be to see animals in the paddock and how wonderful it would be to have a pet again. I didn’t consider the ‘how’ or the ‘when’. Whenever I thought about it, I imagined it, and then immersed myself in the delight and pleasure of it happening one day without feeling any resistance. And then I let it go. My job was to hold the happy thought vibration and trust that all was well. The rest was up to the Universe. I was sure it would sort itself out.

And as always, the Universe delivered! But surprisingly, it wasn’t how you would expect. First, we discovered we had a very pretty, young feral cat living in the old gnarly hedge at the side of the house. Then she had kittens. Then one day the daddy cat, a very skinny, scruffy-looking black stray almost on his last legs, arrived. To make a long story short, we re-homed the babies, sorted out mummy and daddy so there wouldn’t be any more babies, and after a long worrying week at the vet and lots of pampering indoors, we got daddy back to health. We now have two beautiful cats, one who lives outside and is getting brave enough to allow us to pat her, and the other one is the furry little bundle that sleeps at my feet. Both of them are terrified of cars so the busy road is not something which attracts them ~ that was the first stumbling block which dissipated into thin air.

Sunday Musings ~ The Pleasure of Manifesting Sunday Musings - The Pleasure of Manifesting

And what about the empty paddock you ask? Well, then we had a paddock fire. That was very dramatic, but the next morning, a neighbour knocked on our door and offered us his sheep to keep the grass down. And he even went to the trouble of securing the fences. That was the second stumbling block gone. We’ve now had the small flock of twenty-five roaming our paddock for nearly two years, and we love it. The Universe delivered yet again, and we never did have to learn anything about how to look after herd animals. Sheep Man does it all. All we do is enjoy them. That was the third stumbling block gone as well.

So as you can see, there really were no stumbling blocks. There never are, when we focus on the pleasure of what we want, and allow it to unfold with ease and flow. And that is indeed how it all happened. The animals came to us without any effort on our part. We truly are the creators of what we want. It starts with desire ~ that’s the asking part. Then the trick is to vibrate in harmony with the pleasure of it, trusting that everything will happen as it should, in perfect order and in perfect time. No matter what it is, if you really want it, and if you relax and get out of the way, it will happen. That’s something I know for sure!

Inara Hawley © 2015

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