More Hugs for Me!

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Are you a hugger? Even if you’re not, you have to admit a hug feels really good, especially when you need one. And a hug can say so much don’t you think? Hugs are not just wordless gestures, they are actually very important, and here’s why.

Research shows that hugging has both physical and psychological benefits. Getting hugs helps loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress. When you’re upset or sad a hug makes a difference. When you feel lost or unsafe a hug makes a difference. When you feel angry or frustrated a hug makes a difference. And when you’re sick a good hug makes a difference too ~ it helps you heal. It lowers your blood pressure and your stress hormones, relaxing you and strengthening your immune system. You could say that a hug a day keeps the doctor away!

A nice long hug also elevates our serotonin, which boosts our happiness level. Think about what you are doing when you are having a good long hug… you’re connecting with your hearts. And that, my friends, is the fastest way to get oxytocin, the love hormone, coursing through your body. Hugs nurture us. They let the love flow both ways. They make us feel more wanted, more loved, happier, and healthier.

So do you have enough hugs in your life? I love a good hug, but I’ve noticed I haven’t been hugging nearly enough lately. Somewhere along the line I forgot it was so important. But that is about to change! Hugging is on the agenda at least four times a day from now on. I know it’s going to be wonderful ~ I can already feel it, and Hubby is going to love it too!

So hug your family, hug your friends, hug your pets, hug a tree. Don’t be afraid to reach out ~ a hug is that little extension of yourself that shows you care, and you never know, you may just change a life because of it. You will certainly brighten someone’s day. Because a hug is not only good for you, it feels great!

Happy days! ❤

Inara Hawley © 2015

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