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I am not a fiction writer. Most of the stories on my blog are short memoirs or musing on life, living, and learning. But recently, I joined a writing group and every month we present a written piece.

We either do our own thing or write a short piece using three words we are given.

It’s easy to present my memoir pieces, but writing a short piece of fiction using random words is something else altogether. I’ve never done it before, so it’s very interesting for me to fire up my imagination and see if I can do it.

A nice little challenge!

Ultimately, I would like to write a book and publish it. To date my writing projects, while major, have been self-published memoir works for the family, but one day, when the passion moves me, I will write that novel.

Having just finished editing 50,000 words of a friend’s unfinished book I can honestly say that writing fiction is not easy, but if I am going to jump into the world of make believe words, I aim to make it fun. And I also aim to do more and more of it.

Doing these short little pieces is a wonderful beginning.

Writing Prompts: Tower, Watch, Ego

Freddie was tense. He looked at his watch. The glowing dial told him he only had five minutes.

He was determined to do it. This time he would make it! The tower in front of him was flickering with lights. How was he ever going to get to the top without being seen? The trick was to know when the lights flicked off. There was a rhythm to it. He was sure of it. Just relax, he said to himself… just relax.

His moment came and he was away. Freddie lurched and spun, he raced and jumped, his heart thumping all the while. Half way there. Up and up. Suddenly, the last set of stairs were right there in front of him. He took a deep breath and jumped. Made it!

Only a few more steps. And suddenly, there it was – the prize. Numbers flashed, lights buzzed. Level 103 was won.

‘Freddie! Dinner,’ came a call from downstairs.

Freddie shut his laptop. His alter ego would have to wait. He was hungry.

(172 words)

(c) Inara Hawley 2016

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