The Missing Pillow

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The house was full of anticipation. Guests were arriving—beds were being made and rooms were being spruced up by the owners.

‘Honey, where’s the brown pillow for this bedroom?’

‘What brown pillow?’

‘The one for the bed in here.’

It was the fourth bedroom. A neat little room. A proud room—proud because it was the only themed room in the house. Three large paintings of red and green Japanese lettering representing peace, joy and happiness adorned the walls, which were cream. The curtains were a shiny light brown with large gold rings that slid along solid wood rods. The bedspread was a floral-patterned brown with six pillows—two fluffy emerald green, two fluffy dark brown, and two deep ruby throw pillows with fancy stitching. All matching perfectly, in their perfect place.

And now one of the fluffy brown pillows was missing.

A search began… in the linen cupboards, under the bed, in the other bedrooms, behind the washing machine… it was nowhere to be found.

The question arose as to who was the last person to stay in the neat little room? Family members were contacted. The room wanted to look perfect, of course, and waited with bated breath for what was to come.

Phone calls continued all afternoon. The owners had quite forgotten who had occupied the room last.

‘Did you take a dark brown pillow home?’

‘No, not me, but there were definitely four pillow—two green and two brown.’

They were all adamant. No-one remembered taking a dark brown pillow home.

So, the bed was made up with only five pillows, but the room was not happy and nor were the owners. The guests came and went—they were family members who had stayed before, and there was much discussion about the missing pillow and what might have become of it.

Discussions, in fact, continued as the months went by. Someone took the pillow, but no one was owning up.

It was a conundrum. So much so, that every time a family member visited there was no peace—trust had been lost—who took the pillow?

And to make matters worse, it became a story that spread… so many people heard about it, that pillows starting arriving in the mail with funny little notes… ‘the pillow returns’… ‘fluffy comes home’. Amusing at first, it became too much, even for the post office who rang with a plea.

‘Please, no more pillows. They’re taking up too much space!’

The owners now had far too many pillows, but as many things do, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They started donating them—to local hospitals and charities. 

The local newspaper even wrote up the story, but in time, other more interesting stories took up the pages of the paper and everyone forgot about the missing pillow.

But not the neat little bedroom or the owners. For the truth be told, the neat little bedroom knew exactly who took the pillow—a secret it would keep forever.  

© Inara Hawley 2019

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