Look For The Good


Today I came across a great story ~ an initiative by the New Hampshire Police Department in America that was just too good not to share. This past winter they issued gift cards for free pizza and fries to residents who did the right thing. Yep, they started focusing on all the good stuff people were doing!

The Farmington Police Chief came up with the idea one day as he was watching a man battle the heavy snow to get to the street crosswalk. He was so impressed he thought, ‘this man needs a reward!’, and so the initiative was born. The Police Chief was prepared to fund it himself, but a local business put up their hand with a donation and away they went! By mid-March this year they had issued 30 tickets for things like keeping dogs on a leash, using road crosswalks and turn signals ~ simple rewards for simple acts of mindfulness.

And what do you think happened? Well, firstly, the obvious … lots of surprised, happy people. But then, another thing happened ~ it changed the mindset of everyone involved, and that is the point of this story. By focusing on the good everyone was uplifted and everyone was changed. Awareness increased, attitudes improved, and community ties were not only strengthened, they were reinforced with a huge burst of positive energy. And that, of course, made everyone feel very good indeed.

This initiative has given the New Hampshire Police Department a different perspective. Now they look for good things. Dipping into the Great Good is a wonderful thing, living within it is even better, but celebrating it is the best because it expands and attracts a whole lot more …

“When you look for the good you will find it. When you encourage it, you will you see more of it. When you love it you will become it.”

In joyful celebration!

Inara Hawley © 2015

Story Source: NBC News