Analysis Paralysis


Do you over-think? Do you play out your doubts, worries and fears over and over again in your mind, and try to organise all those thoughts so that they make sense, but you still can’t move forward? If the answer is ‘yes’, then maybe you are trapped in analysis paralysis.

Obsessing over issues and getting stuck in clarifying, rationalising, and justifying is akin to cluttering your mind with unwanted thought litter. It’s not only hugely counterproductive, it complicates your life even further for it creates more problems and worry, and ultimately leads to feelings of negativity.

Analysis of course is a valuable tool if you use it to move forward. Analysis paralysis however is like a revolving door ~ it goes nowhere! It makes you feel helpless and out of control. So maybe it’s time to clean up those thoughts ~ stop getting lost in the clarifying, stop constantly poking it with a stick. That only keeps you stuck and creates more unwanted thought litter to clean up.

Get out of your head space, look at the big picture, accept ‘what is’ calmly, and start telling a new more positive story about yourself and your future. There’s no such thing as the perfect answer. Life moves on and we must move with it. So let go of over-thinking and start building a new stronger you. Make a choice to be more joyful and turn your thoughts into useful positive ones. And remember, ultimately, everything always works out … always!

Inara Hawley © 2014