Imperfectly Perfect


I so enjoy being my imperfectly perfect self. There was a time though that I relished the world of perfection. I walked hand-in-hand with it for quite a few years, and here’s what I know.

There is nothing wrong with being happy with what you’ve accomplished and seeing it in the perfection of the moment. That’s a very joyful thing, however, it is important to realise that perfection is not a realistic reachable goal, and it should never become an obsession. When we start to feel we want to control everything, that’s when we get ourselves into trouble and have to do some serious work on letting go. But having said that, never fear perfection either for as Salvador Dali said, ‘you’ll never reach it!’

Feeling the need to be perfect ‘all the time’ is very stressful, and in reality, you can never get everything right all the time, so why be so hard on yourself? Relax! Don’t bash yourself up if you make a mistake ~ mistakes are in fact golden gifts. Welcome them, learn from them and be grateful that you are human after all!

Who wants to be perfect all the time anyway ~ it would make for a very boring and isolated existence. Aim for excellence instead, and while you’re doing it, make friends with your imperfectly perfect self. Cherish those imperfections of yours, for they will not only endear you to others and make you more lovable, each one can teach you something.

Another thing of course is that if we spend all our energy focusing on an end result of perfection we risk losing sight of the journey. I’ve always had a natural talent for order, neatness and organisation (I don’t like sloppy), and I love the challenge of getting things done the way I want ~ it always gives me a buzz, but these days I make sure I enjoy the journey as well.

The bottom line is we are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole. We are wiser, stronger and more beautiful for having travelled our journey. Find value in your imperfections and love yourself despite your flaws. Fortunately, I can say that I now live my life, not judging myself, not upset by my mistakes, and not wanting to control a thing ~ I travel far lighter without the burden of being perfect. I have a laugh and am very, very happy to be my imperfectly perfect self.

Inara Hawley © 2014