Are You For or Against?


Are you a ‘For’ or an ‘Against’ person? We all want to make a difference in this world, however, it’s important to know what we are actually focusing on when we make the decision to support something or direct, powerful and passionate thoughts towards a cause, because there is a distinct difference between being for or against it.

Like everyone, I have a rant every now and again. I know it’s a negative stance. We all do it, but pushing against something doesn’t resolve a thing. It’s unproductive, resistant and focuses on what we don’t like about a given situation. But here’s the thing, any attention we give to something means we are choosing it, and the Universe doesn’t discriminate between ‘like’ and ‘don’t like’. It just gives us what we focus on. It’s very basic stuff, but an important concept to understand if we want positive outcomes. We all know it ~ where focus goes energy flows.

While resistance is a great marker for what we do actually want, being against something ~ pushing against an unwanted thing never gets rid of it. What we are doing is vibrating with the resistant energy which then keeps us apart from what we really want. Pushing against something activates it. And the harder we push, the more we vibrate with it and the more of it we get, which makes us more resistant, angry, frustrated, fearful, and even adversarial. A vicious circle, isn’t it?

Our emotions are our guidance system. When we are in a resistant state we’re not aligning with the outcome we want. However, we can diffuse it by making a decision to look for the best-feeling aspects of whatever we give our attention to. This puts us in a place of much greater allowance. For instance, if we are always ‘anti’ war, we are focused on war, but if we are ‘for’ peace, then we are focusing on peace. Interesting isn’t it. There is a big difference. So, we can either be for something or against it. Either way, it will be our prominent vibration.

So, are you sending the right message when you are passionately against something? Are you really focusing on what you want? Being passionately for what you want is a much more positive vibration don’t you think? So be for the joy and the good ~ vibrate with what floats your boat. The Universe will notice, send it right back to you.

Inara Hawley © 2015

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