Releasing the Burden


I love energy work. I am connected to it, I feel it, and I’ve worked with it. And some time back, I decided to have a session with an energy healer.

It was a surprise to say the least. As I had no pressing concerns or issues, I left it to her to connect with any blocked energy that needed releasing, so I had no idea what was coming. She immediately zoned in on an energy relating to indigenous injustice, something I’ve always felt strongly about. I recall many years ago writing a paper on the very same subject with tears streaming down my face at the unfairness of it all. While I’ve always had powerful emotions about the issue, it has not affected my daily life or happiness in any way. However, as the session progressed, I felt my energy shift. As the ‘burdened’ energy fell away, I was surprised to realise that energetically, I had been carrying a painful grievance that didn’t belong to me. It was profound. I realised I was connected to the plight and not the joy. At the end of the session my energy felt quite different ~ light and more expansive, and while the situation hasn’t changed, my energy towards it has, which is a very good thing for both them and me.

So, the end result? It didn’t change my life, but it has sharpened my awareness, and without doubt lightened an issue which was sitting heavily on my heart. One which I didn’t realise was weighing me down. I now see the situation in its best light which, of course, is both healing and positive, and how I prefer to see it.

While, for me, the session was emotional at times and energetically very full-on as I really felt the energy flying around, it was extremely interesting to experience the shift. Over the years, I have trained myself to focus on the positive aspect of all things, and I know that my positive energy is uplifting, helpful and healing ~ it’s my gift to myself and others. I also know that I get what I focus on, so I am mindful of my words, thoughts, and energy, not only for myself but also for what I am focusing on. However, in this instance, I felt very deeply the pain of others, and it seems it had stayed with me energetically for many years. Any energy shift changes things, and this has, yet again, reinforced the value of not sitting in the pit of a problem ~ not gluing yourself to it with your sorry feelings, or allowing yourself to be consumed by the fire of negativity or drama. That doesn’t help one bit.

Anything we give our attention to connects us to the essence of it, and I always want that connection to be positive and loving. Purposely lining up with the energy which uplifts is what creates a positive flow. I am committed to being part of the upliftment for myself, the Planet and the Universe. I know my vibration makes a difference, and I want it to be joyful and free of burden. That is why I had the session, and I am grateful.

Inara Hawley © 2015

4 thoughts on “Releasing the Burden

  1. Interesting piece Inara. I admire your ability to focus on the positive. It is very interesting how many pieces of baggage we carry with us on our journey, most of which doesn’t need to come with us, and could have been left behind, to the detriment of nobody. We need to make a regular reassessment of our carrying capacity and load distribution, don’t we? 🙂

  2. Oh, thank you, Inara, for this one. It prompted me to think about all of my unclaimed guilt and pain over the way SO MANY PEOPLE were treated by our ancestors hands. You’ve given me a gentle way to recognize it…and, at my next energy work session, release it. Many thanks!

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