Judgement vs Observation

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For years, I’ve pondered the subject of judgement, and in doing so have often asked myself ~ am I making a judgement or a factual observation? There is a big difference of course, and it does rather depend on where one goes with the observation. That’s the important bit, and the key I have discovered, is to make the observation neutral.

Judgement is based in opinions, both biased and subjective, and observation, when it’s neutral, is the act of witnessing without attachment. What that actually creates in our lives came roaring home to me when I read the following quote by Andy Shaw:

 “Judgement is Weakness, Observation is Power”

Judgements are so damaging ~ they are emotional, and negative, and we hang on to them to the detriment of ourselves and others. They cause jealousy, disharmony, and devalue who we are. They separate and weaken us. Neutral observation, on the other hand empowers us. Why ~ because judgement narrows our field of vision, and neutral observation expands it. It gives us the opportunity to allow so much more into our lives ~ to be more discerning and to embrace what supports us.

How freeing is that! To observe without judgement, and release with ease and flow what doesn’t support us. I think that’s wonderful. When you realise the power of it, and that it’s a simple choice, it becomes really easy.

With love and peace ♥

Inara Hawley © 2015

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