Releasing the Burden


I love energy work. I am connected to it, I feel it, and I’ve worked with it. And some time back, I decided to have a session with an energy healer.

It was a surprise to say the least. As I had no pressing concerns or issues, I left it to her to connect with any blocked energy that needed releasing, so I had no idea what was coming. She immediately zoned in on an energy relating to indigenous injustice, something I’ve always felt strongly about. I recall many years ago writing a paper on the very same subject with tears streaming down my face at the unfairness of it all. While I’ve always had powerful emotions about the issue, it has not affected my daily life or happiness in any way. However, as the session progressed, I felt my energy shift. As the ‘burdened’ energy fell away, I was surprised to realise that energetically, I had been carrying a painful grievance that didn’t belong to me. It was profound. I realised I was connected to the plight and not the joy. At the end of the session my energy felt quite different ~ light and more expansive, and while the situation hasn’t changed, my energy towards it has, which is a very good thing for both them and me.

So, the end result? It didn’t change my life, but it has sharpened my awareness, and without doubt lightened an issue which was sitting heavily on my heart. One which I didn’t realise was weighing me down. I now see the situation in its best light which, of course, is both healing and positive, and how I prefer to see it.

While, for me, the session was emotional at times and energetically very full-on as I really felt the energy flying around, it was extremely interesting to experience the shift. Over the years, I have trained myself to focus on the positive aspect of all things, and I know that my positive energy is uplifting, helpful and healing ~ it’s my gift to myself and others. I also know that I get what I focus on, so I am mindful of my words, thoughts, and energy, not only for myself but also for what I am focusing on. However, in this instance, I felt very deeply the pain of others, and it seems it had stayed with me energetically for many years. Any energy shift changes things, and this has, yet again, reinforced the value of not sitting in the pit of a problem ~ not gluing yourself to it with your sorry feelings, or allowing yourself to be consumed by the fire of negativity or drama. That doesn’t help one bit.

Anything we give our attention to connects us to the essence of it, and I always want that connection to be positive and loving. Purposely lining up with the energy which uplifts is what creates a positive flow. I am committed to being part of the upliftment for myself, the Planet and the Universe. I know my vibration makes a difference, and I want it to be joyful and free of burden. That is why I had the session, and I am grateful.

Inara Hawley © 2015

The Footprints We Leave Behind


This past week a beautiful earth angel, my dear friend, Judiann Davies-Keasey, made her transition. Because she was also a dear friend to many others, there has been a massive outpouring of sadness and love at her passing, and my thoughts turned to the amazing footprint she has left behind in everyone’s heart.

Sunday Musing - The Footprints We Leave BehindJudiann had many hard times in her life, and having worked through them she had great empathy. She reached out to anyone who needed love and support, and in doing so inspired so many. She was not afraid to share her journey or her feelings for she knew it would help others. Her heart was truly open and she was wholly present in the space of love, compassion, and forgiveness. She found her power in loving, giving and uplifting others.

We all have our circle of friends, but how often do we tell them how precious they are to us? How wonderful? How special? How loved? Judiann told all of her friends every single day. She never missed an opportunity to say ‘I love you’. She had reached that ultimate positive place where she enhanced all those whose life she touched.

Her legacy is love. How often did she call me a precious angel? How often did she thank me for just being me and then go on to tell me I was special? She did it every time we connected. She may have left her physical body, but she has left behind something so incredibly empowering ~ her unconditional love and her generous spirit.

The footprint we leave behind has nothing to do with the ‘perfect’ life. It’s not about what we look like. It’s not about what we do for a living or what we have. It’s about what shines from our heart and how that makes us and others feel. Judiann helped so many to love themselves ~ she listened, she understood, she supported, she guided, she uplifted. She was a blessing in their lives when they needed a friend. It was her mission.

She will be missed, but her love is not gone. When I received the news of her sudden passing I could not hold back the tears. But in an instant I heard, “I’m alright, I love you”. And of course she is alright. She is home in the loving stream of pure source energy and I uplift her with as much love as she gave. The love connection she created is so powerful that while I will miss her, I don’t feel a sense of loss. Her footprint will forever live in my heart, and I encourage all those reading this to pick up the baton of love and compassion, and run with it. Don’t ever miss a chance to say, ‘I love you’.

Judiann finished her journey on earth without regrets, and continues on as the vibrant light of love that she was in this life. In uplifting others, she uplifted herself. She trusted the power of love. In her own words, ‘Real love never dies … it even survives beyond the living.’

We will all leave our own unique footprint. I hope mine will be synonymous with the love and joy I feel in my heart. What will your footprint be?

Inara Hawley © 2014

Know When To Get Out Of The Way

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Everyone would agree that it’s important to maintain balance and harmony in our lives. That means keeping our environment as positive as we can, and the people around us are a big part of that. While there is always a reason why people behave the way they do, sometimes we’re in tune with it, and sometimes we’re not.

Everyone has to work through their own stuff, and they have to do it their own way. However, we don’t always have to go along for the ride. If it doesn’t feel right for us, we don’t have to get involved.

For instance, I’m not comfortable with hostility or drama. By saying that I’m not in any way diminishing what people go through. Heaven knows I’ve had my dramatic moments in years gone by, so I understand it happens, and I have great compassion for those who are in pain and use hostility as a defence, but not as an ongoing way of dealing with life. It’s not for me.  I see it as wasted energy.

Also, if I don’t get out of the way, I find myself wanting to judge, and I don’t ever want to go there. And really, if the vibration feels wrong for me then I know it’s, someone else’s lesson, and it’s time to step aside, send good thoughts their way and let them do what they have to do.

When it comes to any disharmony that rattles me, it’s not only a clear indication of what I don’t want, it always reaffirms what I do want. And when you know it’s not about you ~ and you will always know ~ all you have to do is get out of the way and let it whistle right on by. We will never change how people behave, but we can choose how we respond, and we don’t have to let negative energy impact us. It’s a conscious choice to get out of its way, and by doing it, and sending positive energy their way we affirm our path and who we are.

Now, why not get in there and help I hear you ask? The thing is that if we are not in harmony with the energy, it’s very hard to help. By leaving it alone, it gives those involved a clear run to sort it out the way they are meant to, with folk who can help. Sometimes in the process of stepping aside, the relationship fades away ~ negativity loves company ~ and sometimes it doesn’t. If it does, I keep sending positive energy. It’s the best I can do. But either way, I have maintained my integrity.

So, if something doesn’t feel right, it’s easy ~ get out of the way and keep moving.

Inara Hawley © 2014